10 Best Sweeping Second Hand Watches in 2021

A sweeping second hand watches enhance the look of a person as it differs from other watches available in the market. This is because it totally works on different mechanisms. There is no tick sound of the watch as it sweeps in an efficient way.

Best Sweeping Second Hand Watches
Best Sweeping Second Hand Watches (Affordable & Comfortable)

These types of watches are not limited, some watches have mechanical mechanisms and some have quartz. Even some of the quartz watches are the same with the sweeping second hand watches.

In the market, many of the sweeping watches are available but before purchasing any sweeping watch, you should have some knowledge about the quality. These watches work on the Mechanical mechanism which comes with a smooth sweep.

However, a lot of different Sweeping Second Hand watches are available in the market having different working mechanisms, prices, efficiency and prevalence. Every watch is differ from the other one.

We have prepared a detailed review on Sweeping Second Hand Watches to help you to find which one can be the best option for you! We have looked at an extended variety of watches and picked watches which are in budget, and expectations in precision.

First of all, we will have a look on why Sweep Watch is differ from the other ones.

Sweeping Second Hand Watches

The sweeping second hand watches or mechanical watches don’t just belong to luxury class watches rather considered as the most accurate watch. This is because of the high level craftsmanship, quality, accuracy and Mechanical movement.

The sweeping second hand watches have no ticking sound has as in quartz. However the sweeping watch hand can tick multiple times in one second with no sound. Like a watch in second can tick 4 times or 6 times in second in a smooth manner. We can’t see this sweeping motion because of second hand fast movement.

In general the watch with more ticks expressed as more accurate. Honestly, there are a lot of watches in the market these days that work on 6 beats per second (BPS) or Vibration per second (VPS) which are also good in terms of design, folk and tell the right time.

However, at a time when technology is on the rise, there are also watches in the market that claim up to 10 seconds per second or Vibration per second (VPS) and obviously the price of such watches is also high. As we go to the high Beats per second, we get more accuracy with outstanding analog design.

Quartz Watches

Quartz watches are also good in terms of accuracy and need less maintenance in case of battery replacement.  They are less expensive as compared to Sweeping second hand watches because of the lack of some technical craftsmanship and mechanical engineering. They have low cost as they have few movable parts because it actually works on the battery.

The movement of hands in quartz watches utilizes the battery as the primary source of power.  The battery sends the electric signal to the small quartz crystal which lets the crystal create vibrations. These vibrations let the motor move the watch hands.

Sweeping Second Hand Watches VS Quartz Watches

Sweeping Second Hand Watches

Quartz Watches

A sweeping watch is simply which works on smooth Mechanical Mechanism. Sweeping watches don’t create sound.Usually the Quartz Watches work on the battery and on every second, they create the sound of a tick.
They have different frequencies and accuracies. They work on vibration per second or beats per second which ultimately provides more accuracy.They are accurate and require a little effort in case of battery replacement as they have few moving parts.
It needs no battery. It uses energy from a wound spring to run the watch. The spring stores the energy and moves it to the small gears and springs to work properly.They need a small battery for hand movement. Need of battery replacement after a while.
As a lot of small gears work in it which keeps the watch hands moving. Sweep second hand watches have more than 6 VPS or BPS in one second.There is no VPS concept in the Quartz watch. They 60 VPM (Vibration per Minute).

Best Sweeping Second Hand Watch with Stainless Steel – Bulova Men’s 96B175

Bulova 96B175 Precisionist Sweeping Watch
Bulova 96B175 Precisionist Watch – Image from Amazon
Water Resistant DepthUp to 990 Feet
Suitable ForMixed-gas Diving
Type of MovementBattery (Quartz)
Band & Dial ColorSilver, Black

Observing the best aspects which are associated with the Bulova Precisionist watches is the smooth sweeping hand which makes this attractive. This is the best option for you if you want to feel the charm and grace of this piece. It has the best mechanical mechanism which runs on smooth motion.

This watch is made by Bulova, a USA watch company which is making quality watches since 1950. Bulova brand always focus on the quality, craftsmanship, accuracy and precision.

The best thing which is linked with this watch is that it is functional in the water till 990 feet (300 meter) as on land having a weight of 9.14 ounces. This watch is considered as one of the best watches in sense of quality and features.

This Bulova Precisionist has a wide case diameter of 46.5 millimeters having 17.5 millimeters case thickness. Having a round shape with black dial and yellow second’s hand is easily trackable. This Precisionist Watch has a unique feature which uses the super high frequency 262.144 kHz to keep the accurate time of the 1/1000 of one second precision with chronograph. This frequency is higher than of the other quartz crystal watches in the world. Precisionist-class movement is observed as three times more accurate than other quartz in laboratory. This watch has 1/10th of second,1/100th of the second and even 1/1000 of the second precision  on the stopwatch. This is the watch having world class accuracy with sweeping hands.

In fact, it is a watch that will match your personality and play with you for a long time. It may be number one on your best watch collection.

  • Smooth and Cool
  • Absolutely right Accuracy
  • Excellent quality
  • Customization can take Sometime
  • Little Heavy and Bulky

Automatic Sweeping Second Hand Watch – Bulova Automatic – 96A187

Sweeping Second Hand Bulova Automatic - 96A187
Bulova Automatic – 96A187 – Image from Amazon
MovementSelf-Winding Movement
Water-ResistantUp to 100 Feet
BatteryLithium-ion Battery
FeatureSecond Hand

Among the best, in budget automatic with sweeping second hand watches, the Bulova Automatic 96A187 is known as. This watch has a white moving second hand having blue hours. 

Bulova is an American brand which is popular for its innovation and advanced technology. Bulova Men’s Stainless Steel Automatic Watch 96A187 having silver color with blue skeleton dial adds beauty in look. 

A watch with 6.35 ounces stainless steel case with exhibition case back. It is functional in the water under 100 meter (328 feet) but not applicable for swimming or bathing. Bulova Automatic 96A187 has 3 years global warranty with case height of 43 millimeters. 

  • Automatic Watch
  • No fear to battery replacement
  • Premium Quality
  • Excellent customer service
  • Heavy Watch
  • Winding mechanism makes some noise

Leather Band Sweeping Watch – Tissot men’s Brown T0194301603101

Tissot Men Viso Stainless-steel sweeping second hand Watch
Tissot Men Viso Stainless-steel Watch – Image from Amazon
Band TypeLeather
Water-ResistantUp to 100 Feet
Suitable forSwimming and Showering (But not for Diving and Snorkelling)
MovementAutomatic Mehenical
Weight75 Grams
Band & Dial ColorBrown, Silver
Smart FeaturePower reserve of 38 hours

Silver dial with leather brown band creates radiance in the personality. Tissot T0194301603101 with round shape introduced in the market in 2010. Automatic mechanical watch with a weight of 2.65 ounces having a case diameter of 40 millimeters. 

Dial window is covered with scratch resistant sapphire crystal which is most expensive, 3x harder than mineral crystals and 20x harder than acrylic crystals. Fully functional in water till 99 feet (30 meters). This watch is the best option for casuals.

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Very smooth movement
  • Quick arrival service
  • Band is complicated

Sweeping Second Hand Watch with Leather Strap – Bulova Men’s 96B158 Precisionist

Bulova Men's with Leather Strap Watch
Bulova Men’s Strap Watch – Image from Amazon
Case Diameter 42 mm
Water-ResistantAlmost 99 Feet
Not Suitable forShowering or Submersion
WeightAlmost 290 grams
BandLeather Strap

Japanese Quartz with charcoal grey dial represents one of the most authentic moves and accurate to within seconds in the year. It belongs to a short case size family and that makes your day beautiful. On the black dial, it is easy to find the continuously sweeping second silver hands in the deep night.

Having the case diameter of 42 millimeter with stainless steel case, the case thickness is 9.3 millimeter. Continuous sweep second hand style reflects a person’s tastes. Bulova Men’s Watch 96B158 quartz crystal works on Precisionist movement with the vibrational frequency of 262kHz.

The watch face is capped with mineral crystal having black leather strap provides comfort each day.

This sweep second-hand watch was introduced in the market in 2012 with a weight of 10.23 ounces. Having a calendar window with 9-inch band length proves 3 times more accuracy than any other quartz. This is water-resistant to 99 feet withstands rain and in splashes of water.

  • Very accurate
  • High quality Watch
  • Well crafted
  • Band is little stiff
  • Not compatible for diving

Best Sweeping Japanese Automatic Watch – Orient Dress Watch RA-AK0303L10A

Best Sweeping Japanese Automatic Watch
Orient Dress Watch – Image from Amazon
Band & Dial colorBlue
Water-Resistant50 Meters
Movement Japanese Automatic
Target Gender Male
Case MaterialStainless Steel

Orient Dress Watch by Japanese Automatic quartz introduced in the market in 2020 with the latest technology. The strap of this watch is made of stainless steel which adds to its beauty. The dial of the Orient Dress Watch is blue with silver moving hands that can be easily traced on the blue dial. The sunburst dial plays with the light. It also has a beautiful calendar with window date and days in a week.

This watch has a round shape with a weight of 15.84 ounces. The dial is covered with strong Sapphire Crystal which is strong as well as scratch-free. Having a case diameter of 41.5 millimetres with 13-millimetre case thickness. Orient Dress is an analog watch with 22 millimetres bandwidth. Fully functional watch under 50 meters of water usually designed for men.  This is the best simple watch with reduced size.

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Perfect face size
  • Beautiful structure
  • None

Comfortable Sweeping Automatic Watches with Stainless Steel Strap- Orient Men’s Automatic Watch RE-AT0001L00B

Comfortable Sweeping Automatic Watches with Stainless Steel Strap
Orient Men’s Automatic Watch – Image from Amazon
Movement Automatic movement
Weight Almost 147 grams
Water Resistance 100 meters
Feature Chronograph

A very cool watch Orient Men’s Automatic Watch with Stainless Steel Strap. Grey color band with the width of 22 millimeters adds beauty in it. The round shape RE-AT0001L00B was introduced in 2018. Having an analog display with concealed clasp. Case diameter is 39 millimeters with the case thickness of 13 millimeters.

Bracelet length is 22 millimetres which can cover the wrist easily. The movement in here is the orient f6 r42 that’s a 21 600 vibration per hour 50-hour power reserve and the stated accuracy is plus 25 to minus 15 a day.

It is a made in japan watch and the watch does offer 100 meters of water resistance. The case finishing is a mix of high polish and brushed surfaces. It’s just kind of the operation of the watch and there’s a power reserve at 12 o’clock so as you wind.

When we add power to the mainspring, it displays how many hours are left remaining on the power of the wall. This is a sapphire crystal on the front as it is treated with Arsenic coating, it is easier to see the dial in hand. The watch with a weight of 5.26 ounces can bear the 10 bar pressure resistance. It is water-resistant till 100 meters depth.

  • Automatic watch
  • No battery replacement fear
  • Comfortable watch
  • Little heavy

Self Winding Watch with Sweeping Second-Hand feature – Bulova Automatic Watch 98A214

Self Winding Watch with Sweeping Second Hand feature
Bulova Automatic Watch – Image from Amazon
Movement Automatic Watch
Water Resistance 30 Meters
Weight About 159 grams
Dial color Sliver
Feature Second hand

Cool design with the silver round watch face makes the personality attractive. The Bulova Automatic Watch 98A214 is suitable for men. Having the quartz movement with the silver gold band shows the taste of person. Silver dial color with the golden moveable hands represents the watch’s beauty.

The first model of this watch was introduced in 2018 by Bulova. The watch has a round shape with a case diameter of 43 millimeters and the case thickness is 12.15 millimeters. There is a silver color on the edges of the watch as well as a golden line which adds to its beauty. Watch glass is made up of domed mineral crystal. Yearly calendar is also displayed. This watch is water resistant under 30 meters. 

  • Automatic Watch (Self winding)
  • Fast delivery
  • Little heavy

Best Sweeping Watch with Stainless Steel Band – BUREI Men’s Automatic Watch

Best Sweeping Watch with Stainless Steel Band
BUREI Men’s Automatic Watch – Image from Amazon
Special Feature Date calendar
Water Resistance 50 Meters
Movement Automatic watch
ColorsAvailable in different many colors
ClaspDouble locking

A beautiful automatic watch with a stainless steel silver color band shines the personality. The moving silver hands over the black dial are easy to detect in darkness. BUREI has a round shape with an analog display. Case diameter is 42 millimeters which is wide and has a case thickness of 12 millimeters.

This model is specially designed for men for casual meetings. The bracelet of the watch is made of corrosion free stainless steel with a width of 21 millimeter. This beautiful watch displays the date of month. The model of this watch is available in different colors and bands. The Anti reflective Sapphire crystal makes it beautiful and strengthens it.

This model works on the mechanism of Japanese automatic movement which provides the time more accurately. The glass and band are scratch free. The classic design with lovely smooth contours can match any casual. Simple and stylish design shows the perfect consolidation of taste and devotion.

  • Excellent finishing
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Decent weight
  • This watch can runs only for almost 24 hours with your impulse

Short Clasp Style Band Watch with Stainless Steel – Seiko Men’s SGF206 Gold-Tone

Short Clasp Style Band Watch with Stainless Steel
Seiko Men’s Watch – Image from Amazon
Smart Feature Also have Date window and measure seconds
Water Resistance About 100 Feet (But not good for swimming or diving)
Weight About 45 grams
Band & Dial colorGold, Mother of pearl

Every person who has a taste for watches knows about the brand of Seiko. Seiko SGF206 is one of the most affordable automatic watches with the sweep second hand. The dial of SGF206 is known as the mother of pearl having the black lines which represent the minutes. This watch works on the Japanese Quartz movement and was introduced in the market in 2011.

The color of the bracelet is gold which is made of stainless steel. This analog watch shows the calendar with date and day. The round shape of the watch and dial is covered with the Hardlex. The case has a diameter of 36 millimeter and the thickness is 10 millimeter.

This watch is best for those who are interested to feast their wrists with the small sized watches.  Band length is women’s standard, having a width of 20 millimeter. This watch has a weight of 1.6 ounces only. Seiko SGF206 is water resistant to 30 meters but not good at swimming.

  • Comfortable watch
  • Light weight
  • Short clasp style band
  • Band is little rattly

Changeable Strap Watch with Sweeping Second-Hand feature – Fossil Men’s Townsman – FS5437

Changeable Strap Watch with Sweeping Second Hand feature
Fossil Men’s Watch – Image from Amazon
Band MaterialLeather
Water-Resistant165 Feet
Suitable forShort period of Swimming and Showering (Not for Diving and Snorkeling)
Weight About 74 grams
Smart FeatureInterchangeable band

Very affordable watch with a nice shape. The very first Townsman – FS5437 fossil watch was introduced in the market in 2019. This quartz watch has a brown leather band with a width of 21.3 millimetres. The case is of Stainless steel with a round shape.

The case has a wide diameter of 44 millimetres with 12-millimetre thickness. The watch has a dark brown dial with silver colour sweeping hands. The weight of the watch is 2.6 Ounces having water-resistance of 195 feet. The glass window is of minerals that helps resist scratches.

  • Changeable Strap with premium quality
  • Fully comfortable to wear
  • Little heavy
  • You will need to change battery after few months

Conclusion about Sweeping Second Hand Watches!

I hope this article having best sweeping watches collection will help you to choose a best watch that will really suits your lifestyle.

Normally Sweeping Watches also known as automatic watches that usually worked on spring-powered mechanism. Quartz Watches can’t take place of automatic watches because their expensive prices and quality. As you know sweeping watches works on vibration or beats which provides the great accuracy instead of quartz watches. Their mechanism provides the great relaxation and gives sense of nature.

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