8 Best Kids Watches with Alarm to buy in 2021

We all know that Kids are very sensitive and have not a great remembering brain, so they do not remember everything. They need alarms to remember everything like taking medicines, doing school homework, or even sleep at night. So they faced many difficulties. But a watch with an alarm can be very helpful for kids and it makes things easier to remember everything.

Best Kids Watches with Alarm
Best Kids Watches with Alarm (Comfortable & Waterproof)

It is difficult to see time exactly for kids because they can’t understand it. So Watches with Alarm are the best way to remember time. They can learn that How to see time exactly, How to tell it, and set alarms to do work at time and to be a punctual kid.

Kids watches are very easy to use like set alarms, correct time and date and other useful functions. Today, Kids watches come in different sizes, colors and models in the market. Some watches have multiple alarms on it that perform different purposes at different times. So choosing a best watch for your kid can be difficult for you.

I have listed 8 Best Kids Watches with Alarm with Pros & Cons in this article. Now you can choose the best watch for your children easily within 10 minutes. The price range will be $10 to $50.

Best Kids Watches with Alarm

Best Kids Watch with Alarm for Boys – Timex TW4B02400 Expedition

Timex Unisex Watch with Alarm
Timex Unisex Expedition Watch – Image from Amazon

It is a digital kids watch that is very easy to use and see time. This watch is manufactured by Timex. Most Kids watches can’t survive in swimming, showers and sports like Timex.

It can survive in different environments with a comfortable medium face that is good for kids because kids can face many difficulties with a big face watch. It shows a clear time and also date and day of the week. In the dark, a Indiglo light is illuminated on the numbers which helps to increase the numbers visibility. 

It is very easy to use and set a time, date or alarms. You can use it for snorkeling as well as swimming but not for diving.

How to use it: This Kid watch has four pressable buttons on the left and right sides. You can customize it totally with those buttons and also set alarms. The watch has three alarms that can customize daily or weekend yourself. When you set alarm, and time to alarm, a small icon will appear on the top of the watch. You can disarm the alarm by pressing a button. But when you miss an alarm, it will alarm again after five minutes. This Kids watch is totally similar to a mobile alarm.

This watch is a best kids watch with an alarm because it is developed like an adult watch. I assure you, this kids watch can compete with other adults’ watches because there are almost functions in it that are found in adult watches.

It has one lithium metal battery built in that increases the battery life and performs smoothly. The weight of this kid watch is only 23 grams that is perfect for a kid to carry. The band color of this watch is black having 16 mm band width. It is a waterproof watch but again it can’t be used for diving.

  • Built in three alarms that you can set yourself with daily routine or in weekend
  • Long battery life (Lithium Metal)
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to set date and time with alarms
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Effortless setting
  • Waterproof kids watch
  • Durable and comfortable Nylon band
  • Can’t use for diving
  • Its band takes a long time to dry

Waterproof Sports Kids Watch with an Alarm – Cofuo CF-1163 Casual Watch

Cofuo CF-1163 Casual Watch
Cofuo CF-1163 Casual Watch for Kids – Image from Amazon

Does your child play and you are looking for a watch that should be affordable and strong? Then Cofuo CF-1163 is an excellent choice for your child because it can be very useful when your kids are playing. It is normally made for boys but girls can also wear this amazing watch.

It’s built for both Analog as well as Digital that makes it interesting but it can be a little bit difficult for your kid to understand it because it has many functions in it like Stopwatch, Alarm, Dual time display and other.

It has a special rubber band that makes it comfortable to wear. You can purchase it in different beautiful colors that are available on Amazon.

How to use it: It is a dual time display watch that displays Digital as well as Analog having four pressing buttons that will be used to set time, date, stopwatch and alarm digitally and one round pin that is used to set for Analog display.

You can set an alarm by yourself by pressing one button. It also has additional light built in that can be used to illuminate the display at night.

It is a waterproof watch with an alarm and your kid can wear it even if it plays. But you can’t press any button when you are swimming, diving or in water otherwise it will go bad. It is the best choice and it saves a lot of money by buying other watches. This watch can make your kid punctual.

  • 50 meters Water resistance depth
  • Shockproof
  • Dual display (Analog + Digital)
  • You can see dual display time at once
  • Excellent and comfortable rubber band
  • Easy to wear and strong stuff
  • It can little difficult to setting
  • Take some time to set time, date and alarm

Best Vibrating Watch for Kids with Alarm – Ticci Digital Vibrating Alarm Kids Watch

Ticci Kids Watch for Kids
Ticci Kids Watch with Alarm – Image from Amazon

Ticci Alarm Watch is the best option for kids included with a vibrating alarm system that will vibrate silently. It has eight alarms/Vibrations having multi formats. It has a digital display with black and white digits.

You can choose eight different sounds yourself that will suit your kid. Now it is available in six colors in the market including Black, Blue, Purple, Brown Green, Water Blue and Purple Camouflage. It is a waterproof kids watch that also uses hot water.

You child can also wear this watch even playing or sports. It has four pressable buttons that are used for setting this watch easily. As you see in the picture, First button is for Set and Light, Second button is for Start and Stop, Third button is for Mode and Lock and the Last button is for Date and Reset.

How to use it: This watch has 8 different alarms and vibrations that can customize yourself with the help of buttons. You can set an alarm both beep or vibration, only set vibrate and only set beep. It also has a stopwatch that can be used for reminders like School homework, Sleeping time and others. It is easy to use and your child can also customize it.

The battery life of this watch is very great because it can survive upto two years. The band of this watch is comfortable but there are some bad reviews about the band because some people say that after some work, the band falls out. 

You can also read reviews on Amazon about this watch. The customer service is very great and has five starts. If you received any defective watch then you can replace it without any cost quickly. So you don’t have to worry if you receive any defective piece.

It has also a calendar in it that displays Day, Date and Year clearly. You can On or Off light by a button that can be very helpful in the dark to display time. It is suitable for 6-18 year old kids. Manufacture of this watch provides the long lasting global warranty of 18 months which is excellent.

  • Eight alarms (Beep / Vibrating)
  • Waterproof
  • Reminders (15 minutes – 24 hours)
  • Excellent customer service
  • 18 months warranty
  • Free replacement
  • Low quality (Especially watch band)

Best Waterproof Kids Watch with Multiple Alarms – Casio W213-2AVCF Sports Watch

Casio Men's Digital Watch
Casio Men’s Digital Watch with Alarm – Image from Amazon

Casio is a multinational electronics company that provides calculators, mobile phones, Analog as well as digital watches. Casio W213-2AVCF is a digital watch for kids that can be used when your kid is playing. It has amazing features like stopwatch, five daily alarms, Countdown timer and dual time. Its medium size face can fit perfectly small kids’ wrists then the child will not feel any difficulty and he will be able to play easily.

Casio W213-2AVCF is a waterproof watch that can survive up to 50 meters and is suitable for swimming and showering. It has five daily alarms that you can set yourself and have EL backlight with afterglow which can set yourself to turn on automatically.

How to use it: With the help of buttons, you can set time and date as well as alarms. You can set five alarms per day which will remind you kids to work punctually. First alarm has a snooze feature and the other four alarms are straight. First ten seconds will alarm loudly so it will attract the child.

The watch face is about 1.5 inch including a lithium battery which can survive about ten years by its manufacturer. It has only 28 grams weight so your child can carry it easily. 

Casio is a big brand that is known for their reasonable price as well as premium quality watches. It is made of good and strong material. So it can survive when your child throws this watch and has a strong band.

  • Five alarms per day
  • Water resistance (Survive up to 50 meters)
  • Large numbers that can read easily
  • Shock resistance
  • 10 years battery life
  • EL backlight with Afterglow
  • If in any case the band breaks then replacement can be expensive

Best Kids Watch with Black Strap for Boys – Casio F108WH Illuminator

Casio Illuminator Watch with Alarm
Casio Illuminator Watch with Alarm – Image from Amazon

Casio F108WH Illuminator is a low profile design Watch that is comfortable for small kids. It can wear easily on small wrists that is a good benefit for small childs. Kids are very fragile so they can’t wear a heavy watch. Casio F108WH is a digital, slim, comfortable and waterproof watch and kids can easily see numbers on it. The band of watch is made from resin and has small holes in it that makes it comfortable to wear and can fit easily on small kid’s hands.

If you are looking for the best watch with an alarm feature then Casio F108WH is the best choice for you and your kid. It is a comfortable watch that makes it easy to use and suitable for small kids. It has a rectangle display with bold numbers which makes it easy to see time easily.

How to use it: It has three pressable buttons on the sides. Each button has a different function so you can easily customize this kids watch with those buttons. By the pressing of the Alarm button that is available in the bottom right, you can easily fix an alarm which can toggle with other buttons. The daily alarm will be alarmed for 20 seconds, which can easily disalarm by pressing any button.

The resin band makes it easy to wear then others bands, because it is soft then others. A rectangle shape of dial window provides the quality that you can find only in Casio Watches.

The battery life of this kid’s watch is very impressive because it can be used for almost 10 years. So you won’t face any issue of replacing batteries soon.

Casio F108WH is a classic watch but comfortable for kids and has many excellent features. It is a solid watch that can be used even by your kid playing. It is also affordable and comfortable to wear. So it is a good choice for you when you are looking for a Kid’s watch with an alarm.

  • Long time battery (Almost survive 10 years)
  • Comfortable for small kids
  • Easy to understand and use
  • Have LED backlight
  • Water resistance
  • Resin band (Comfortable to wear)
  • This kid’s watch has only an single alarm

Best Military Sports Watch with Alarm – BOZLUN 1233 Digital Watch

Military Sports Watch for Kids
Military Sports Watch for Kids – Image from Amazon

BOZLUN 1233 is a Military-style sports Watch that is made with solid material. It comes in different combinations of colors like Blue, Green and others in the market that is available on Amazon. 

It has a digital display with two different modes “Regular & EL”. The regular display shows us dark numbers and EL has light up numbers in it that is a great feature. If you love night hikes or trips then BOZLUN 1233 is a great choice for your kid.

How to use it: It has two options to display which are 12-hours and 24-hours clock. You can set it yourself and set an alarm. When it is alarmed, you can disalarm by pressing a button.

It can be a little challenging to set time or alarm for kids. It is not suitable for under three years kids because of the large-face. It is a great watch for sports having strong material with a Polyurethane band(soft) that is comfortable to wear for kids.

  • Can survive when playing
  • Two display options (12 or 24 hours)
  • Built in Alarm as well as stopwatch
  • Different combination of colors
  • Little heavy
  • Not comfortable for smaller kids

Best Outdoor Sports Kids Watch with Alarm – YFWOOD Waterproof Digital Watch

YFWOOD Waterproof Digital Watch
YFWOOD Waterproof Digital Watch – Image from Amazon

YFWOOD is a waterproof and weighless watch that is designed for school kids. It is comfortable for upto 5 years childs. It can survive 50 meters depth in water and also a shockproof watch. Your child can wear it during swimming and showering. 

The display of the dial screen is round and easy to read. It has a large dial number which makes it easy to see the time. Also has EL night light that can be used in dark.

How to use it: YFWOOD is a multi-function kid’s watch that has Time, Date, Alarm, Stopwatch, etc. It has four buttons which are Light, Start, Mode and Reset. If you want to see time in the dark then you can use the light button by pressing it. You can set an alarm  by yourself but it can be a little difficult. Also have 12 or 24 hours mode in it.

This kid’s watch is available in different colors like Blue, Red, Black and gold. It is comfortable for 3-12 years old kids. This watch can make your kid to be punctual and develop good habits.

  • Suitable for Swimming and Showering (Can worn while swimming)
  • Kids can play without fear to crashed
  • Have few function in it
  • Not suitable for smaller kids

Best Alarm Clock Kids Watch – Fizili Digital Sports Watch

Fizili Boys Watch with Alarm
Fizili Boys Watch with Alarm – Image from Amazon

Fizili is a digital kids watch that is a best choice for child. It has seven different lights built in which can be switched. It has an alarm, stopwatch and other features that makes it suitable for kids. It can also be used for sports and kids can play without fear of crashing.

It has a high quality PU band that makes it easy to use and made from strong material. The depth of water is 50 meters and also a shockproof watch. It can be used while you are swimming or showering but don’t press any button in the water.

How to use it: It has seven different colors that you can change by pressing the LED button for three seconds. You can see the time easily in the dark by pressing the light button. You can set an alarm by pressing buttons. At that time it will be alarmed which you fix. And you can disalarm the alarm by pressing one button.

It is a multi-functional child watch which is a great gift for your kid. The strap of the watch is made from strong PU that makes it strong and comfortable to wear.

  • 7 backlights colors
  • Suitable for swimming
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Little heavy
  • Can take some time to customize

Thanks for reading this best kids watches with alarm and now time to choose a best watch for your kid.

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Note: Featured image by Bess Hamiti from Pexels.

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