9 Best Vibrating Alarm Wrist Watches in 2021

Best Vibrating Alarm Wrist Watches
Best Vibrating Alarm Wrist Watches – Image from Pexels

Looking for an Wrist Watch with Vibrating Alarm mode? Don’t worry stop searching more because here you will get 9 best vibrating alarm wrist watches that can really helpful for you. Today, everyone wants a wristwatch because they knows that a wrist watch can do all of things that you need on daily basis.

So get the top best wrist watches with vibrating alarm and choose your favorite watch today!

Best Vibrating Alarm Wrist Watches

Super Men’s Illuminator Watch – Casio W735H-1AVCF

Super Men's Illuminator Watch
Super Men’s Illuminator – Image from Amazon

Brand: Casio

Casio W735H-1AVCF is a vibration alarm watch that is a reasonably cool little gadget that you can use for an alarm clock. This watch does have your usual alarm in addition to the vibration alert. It’s entirely water-resistant, and can calculate heart rate. Just a simple watch, and simply perfect if that’s exactly what you’re looking for.


  • On the top circle, there says V. I. B. for vibration. 
  • The bottom one there is A.L.M. for alarm. To start the alarm. All you have to do is to hold the bottom right button where it gets the start. 
  • So that it is a reasonably cool feature; you could turn the vibration on and off. You’ve got your day of the week, the dates.
  •  You’ve got your time seconds and then on the bottom there, so if you’ve got your time, it says S.T. for the stopwatch, A.L.M. for alarm, and then D.T. for your other secondary time. 

You’re going to like that a lot as it’s pretty comfortable too as you wear it. There is a plastic material used on the watch that gives it a very classy look. There is this stainless steel back water-resistant to 10 bar. Make sure to buy with all your shape and size.

Best Watch with Resin Band – Casio Mud-Resistant Quartz Watch

Casio Mud-Resistant Watch
Casio Mud-Resistant Watch – Image from Amazon

Brand: Casio

The unique thing is that its feature of mud resistance quality means that you don’t have to worry about its buttons when it gets pretty dirty. No matter what kind of condition you put it through, it will work accurately.


  • This watch has a ten-year battery,100M(330ft)
  •  It is completely water-resistant, 
  • A great illuminator and a vibration alarm.
  • It has a 1/100 pretty cool second stopwatch. 
  • Its case diameter is 47.9mm
  • It has a Quartz Movement.

It’s best for swimming and snorkeling. So don’t get late and buy this fantastic gadget. 

Casio G-Shock Vibration Alarm Automatic Mens Watch GD350-1B

Casio Vibration Alarm Watch
Casio Vibration Alarm Watch – Image from Amazon

Brand: Casio

It is the priciest electronic, and analog-digital watch reliable by army personnel, law enforcement, surfers, and outdoor fans worldwide has this incredible feature called vibe alarm. It has a built-in vibrating motor that when you have an alarm or timer goes off, it will alert you, but instead of a sound, it will vibrate on your hand, which is pretty cool.

This watch is constructive when you are in a crowded area or some gathering. It is a fundamental watch; the main reason you’d be getting this watch is the vibrating feature, which is the most beautiful thing. The text is accurate and can be readable, although it’s a negative screen. The buttons aren’t that difficult to press on.


  • This watch has 25 time zones.
  • This watch is 200m (660ft) shock-resistant and is water-resistant.  
  • It has the format of 1/100th second stopwatch.
  • It is shock-resistant, 200m (660ft), and is water-resistant.
  • It has a format of 1/100th second stopwatch.
  • It has a vibrational alert including daily alarms, countdown timer (hourly, minutes, seconds).
  • It has a powerful backlight.

Best Fitness Smartwatch – Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch
Fitbit Versa 2 – Image Versa 2

Brand: Fitbit

The Fitbit Versa 2 has the ability to set alarms and timers through the user’s voice, offering a convenient hands-free user experience. This watch provides incredibly more classy features than other gadgets does. Therefore, if you’re not afraid to pay a little extra, this watch is best for you. It’s a very comfortable timepiece. When you wear this watch the weight is balanced enough that it doesn’t bring any discomfort; the screen has excellent contrast, vivid colors, and has excellent brightness. All in all, you can wear this all day without any issues.


  • This beautiful watch is exceptionally unique and based on your heart rate, sleeping time, sleep score, It can help you for better sleeping quality every night. 
  • It Controls your Spotify app, downloads Pandora stations and add playlists can also play 300+ songs. 
  • It can track your heart rate 24/7, footsteps, long-distance, calories burned, time of activities. 
  • It can take a call, text or any notification when your phone is nearby, plus send quick replies and voice notes. 

Timex Expedition Shock XL Vibrating Alarm Watch

Timex Vibrating Alarm Watch
Timex Vibrating Alarm Watch – Image from Amazon

Brand: Timex

Timex Men’s T49950 Expedition Shock XL Watch is ready for anything. It has got vibrating alarms, a stopwatch, and a countdown timer, plus Indiglo night-light for after dark. The Timex Expedition Shock XL Vibration Alarm watch comes with three alarms which are a pretty helpful feature. One more essential attribute is its magnificent number display on its dial, so if you have a hard time seeing the small number, it can help you a lot.


  • It has a 24-hour countdown timer
  • It has three vibrating daily, weekday, or weekend alarms.
  • It has a Black 50mm resin case with an acrylic lens, negative digital display, Indigo light-up watch dial.
  • It is 200m (660ft) Water-resistant.
  • Classy black 22mm resin strap fits up to 8-inch of wrist circumference.
  • Three-time zones; occasion reminders; hydration timer; month, day & date calendar.

Best Casio Vibe Alarm Men’s Watch – G-Shock GD350-1BER

Casio G-Shock Watch
Casio G-Shock Watch – Image from Amazon

Brand: Casio

The G-Shock GD350-1BER is the best vibrating alarm watch. It is a good piece made by CASIO, a large clock and with a magnificent display–the timepiece is also equipped with a flashlight alert. The function gives a buzzer for hourly time signals and when the countdown timer’s time is up. The vibration is smooth yet easily perceptible because of the of unique design of watch’s back. However, you can wear this all day without any issues.  


  • If the wearer has eyesight problems, the super illuminator lightens up the entire display for enhanced readability. On top of it, the digits are easy to read because of the contrasting yellow colour with the black background.
  •  Its resistance to gravitational shocks is outstanding. 
  • The watch stands hits and knocks tremendously.
  • It has a Black strap of plastic with a black dial.
  • It has Quartz movement
  • Its Case diameter is 53.4mm
  • It is 200 (660ft) Water resistant.

If you want a sturdy watch, then it is highly recommended. This is the watch you must carry in your hand. You can carry this all day without any problems. 

Best Vibrating Alarm Watch – Cadex VibraPlus Sport

Cadex VibraPlus Sport Watch
Cadex VibraPlus Sport Watch – Image from Amazon

Brand: Cadex

The Cadex VibraPlus Sport is made to provide reminders for men and women who need a quality medication reminder watch that can vibrate or alarm. It looks like a standard sports watch; up to eight daily alarms that auto-reset each day at midnight. You can set up eight different alarm times on this watch. You can set Alarms for Vibration, Sound, or Both.

There is a Countdown Timer Alarm with a Repeat Option. The Stopwatch Mode Used for timing any function or task. There is this Button lockout feature that allows you to lock the settings to prevent accidental changes. It prevents stopping the timer/settings. It has Black/Silver with Black Rubber Strap. It has vigorous Vibration Intensity.


  • There is this brilliant lock feature that prevents accidental button changes or press.
  • Beep notification is not best for the hearing, but the vibrating feature is very useful.
  •  Beep notification is 55 decibels loud in Cadex VibraPlus Sport watch.
  • The size of the watch is 1 1/2″ x 1/2″.

Timex Expedition Grid Shock Digital Watch

Timex Grid Shock Watch
Timex Grid Shock Watch – Image from Amazon

Brand: Timex

The Timex Expedition Grid Shock Watch has some cool features and is rock-solid, and is too comfortable. It is cheap and has excellent light. It doesn’t feel fragile at all but actually quite sturdy and surprisingly easy to operate. It has many features, including developing three different time zones for those who travel frequently.

It is highly recommended if you have an active lifestyle or job. Also, it uses cr2032 batteries, which you can find pretty much anywhere. Its dial is large and time is easily readable. Its vibration is an excellent feature, and you can be alerted without bothering other people.  It has a black 16mm resin strap which has an 8-inch of wrist circumference.


  • This watch has a 24-hour countdown timer three vibrating daily, weekday, or audible weekend alarms.
  • It has a Grey digital display.
  • It is 100m (330ft) Water-resistant; shock-resistant to ISO standards.
  • It has a Black 50mm resin case with an acrylic lens Indigo light-up watch dial. Strap and lug with 16mm width.
  • It has 24 hours military time mode; 3 time zones; occasion reminders, day and date calendar.

Ticci Unisex 8 Vibrating Alarm Watch

Ticci Unisex 8
Ticci Unisex 8 – Image from Amazon

Brand: TICCI

The Ticci Unisex 8 Vibrating Alarm Watch is a beneficial alarm watch with eight alarms to choose whether you want sound, vibration, or both. The vibration for a wake-up alarm is strong enough to wake you up. It has a Comfortable strap, strong vibration, easy to press buttons. It is straightforward to program your alarm times whenever you need. The Watch is with Big Face and Big Digits are very easy to read the Digits at a glance even if eyesight is not good. You can set countdown intervals from 15 minutes to 24 hours.


  • It has Super Bright Backlight that Lights up the whole display with super big digits. It is Very Easy to Read in the dark.
  • It is 50m water-resistance.
  • It meets the needs of daily life. You can wash your hands, take a shower and go swimming with it.
  • Its bandwidth is 21mm. Case diameter is 48mm, and the case thickness is 14mm.
  • It is 50 Meters water-resistant.
  • The case material is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene.

Choose your favorite watch in Best Vibrating Alarm Wrist Watches today!

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